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The project is funded by EU and Turkish Republic Government


Grant Program for Increasing the Attendance Rate of Especially the Girls to School”




Beneficiary Organization: BİLSEK Gençlik Kulübü Derneği (BİLSEK Youth Club Associaiton)


Title : Yes to Education, No to Illiteracy

Project Location: TR63 Region, Kahramanmaras Province

Project Duration: 12 Months


  1. Objectives of the Project:

Overall Objectives: To guide especially the girls to Vocational Technical Educational and to contribute training qualified staff to the labor market in TR63 Region through raising the quality of the education.

Specific Objectives: Raising the quality of education in our province especially for girls and to contribute improvement of Vocational Technical Education (VTE) through strengthening guidance services in VTE.

  1. Target Groups:

Especially girls - Primarily the girls and other students, who do not continue school in especially secondary school level due to cultural, social and other handicaps; teachers, especially the teachers who provide psychological support and guidance services to the students.

The representatives of the social partners, who work on education of especially the girls; the parents, who do not want to send their daughters to school or who cannot send their daughters to school due to material reasons; opinion leaders.

  1. Main Activities and Results:
  1. Preparation Activities of the Project:

A project team consisting of 6 persons, namely a Project coordinator, a project assistant, a Training Coordinator, an Accountant, a Guidance Specialist and a Project Consultant shall be established for sound implementation of the project. In addition, a project office shall be prepared for coordination of the project activities; and the office materials and documents shall be kept in this office.

Results: A project team consisting of 6 members has been established. The Project Office has been established.

  1. Planning Activities (Training and purchasing).

During this activity, the regions and the schools, where the project will be implemented, as well as the disadvantageous and poor families within the province will be determined in cooperation with Social Support and Solidarity Association, which gives support to such families. The training program, the trainers and the trainees (students) will be determined and the material and the equipment, which will be used during the project, will be purchased.

Results: 10 schools have been identified at the disadvantageous regions, where the trainings will be provided. Secondary Education Transition System support training program has been established; the project equipments and material have been purchased.

  1. Organization of an informative seminar for Guidance Teachers in cooperation with Guidance and Research Center

A seminar will be organized on "Guidance to Girls for Vocational Education" for the guidance teachers who work at the schools, where the project will be implemented as well as at other schools in disadvantageous regions, in cooperation with the Guidance and Research Center. The seminar will focus on the possible contribution of such a guidance for the students, their families and the labor market.

Result: 50 guidance teachers, who attended at the half-day seminar at the Provincial Directorate of National Education have been informed on guidance for girls to vocational training.

  1. Guidance and introduction activities for Vocational Technical Education.

Via our project, the target groups shall be informed through site visits. The brochures, which will be prepared within the scope of the project shall be delivered to secondary schools,  mukhtarships, the business places within the premises of the schools, the public institutions, coffee houses, mosques, etc. in such a way to be visible to the public. Visibility activities will be paid special care in order to attract attention to VTE. The fields of VTE shall be introduced to 400 students, who will be trained. The Guidance and Research Center working under the body of the Provincial Directorate of National Education will be visited often, it will be invited to participate in the studies and informed about the progress of the activities. The guidance teachers will give informative training of 2 hours to each of the parents of the students, who get support trainings. Hence 400 families will have been provided with guidance training. 

Result: 400 students and opinion leaders will be provided guidance service and VTE will be introduced.

5. Visit to local actors (Mukhtars (village headmen), etc.).

The opinion leaders especially at the premises of the schools, which will be provided with training, will be visited and informed about the project. In addition, they will be asked to support the project. They will also be invited to the activities in order to give support.

Result: At least 30 mukhtars have been visited and informed about the project within the scope of this activity.

6. Cultural and art activities

The parents will be informed through our project. Mass transport will be ensured and theatre and movie tickets will be bought to take the girls to such events. At least 400 girl students will be ensured to benefit from theatre and movie days.

Result: 400 students have been taken to theatre and cinema.

7. Working Group Meetings

Monthly project meetings will be held with participation of the related actors. The project team, social stakeholders and the representatives of the project partners, the representatives of the Provincial Directorate of National Education, the representatives of the Non-Governmental Organizations, the teachers working at Guidance and Research Center, the representatives of the supported schools and the members of the press will be invited to these meetings. The studies, which have been conducted so far, will be evaluated during the meetings and the deficiencies will be eliminated. 3 of these meetings (meetings at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the project) will be organized to cover huge number of participants and will be lunch or dinner meeting in order to ensure promotion and visibility of the project.

Result: 12 meetings, 3 of them great, have been organized with participation of the related actors in order to assess the progress of the project and to ensure promotion of the project.

8. Preparation and course support trainings for Secondary Education Transition Examination

Courses (Mathematics, Science and Technology, Turkish Language, History of Turkish Revolution and Kemalism, Religious Culture and Ethics and English Language courses) will be provided to 400 students, especially to girls, in order to give support for secondary education transition examination and other courses. 10*(20+20)=400 girls from 10 secondary schools will benefit from the courses. Each class shall be planned to contain 20 students in average and 10 hours of courses will be provided each week for each class.

Result: 400 students in total have been provided with course support trainings and trainings for preparation to exams for 6600 hours.

9. Visibility Activities

The visibility of the project will be ensured via promotional meetings, course books, brochures, posters, reading books and leaflets. Visibility signboards will be hung at the entrances of 10 schools, at classrooms, secondary schools and at the project office. Meetings will be organized each month for visibility and the social parties will be invited to the meetings according to the agenda of the meeting. 3 meetings will be organized as lunch or dinner meetings with huge participation and the local media will also be invited to such meetings. During the promotion meeting, brochures will be prepared and distributed. Cloth banners, dovetail banners and billboard advertisements will be prepared. Press releases will be sent to the local media regularly in order to announce the progress of the project activities. In addition, 2 promotional programs will be broadcasted on the TV channel broadcasting in our province over the satellite. The sports equipment, which will be given to the girl students, will carry the logo of the project. All course materials will be attached EU-Turkey logo stickers. The students will be provided stationery and such material will contribute promotion of the project. The press will be informed about distribution of books to the schools. Project activities will be included on our web page; also other visual material will be given place on the web page. The principles and procedures of visibility shall be complied during such studies.

Result: The project visibility has been ensured through canvas posters, wall posters, brochures, signboards, billboards, TV programs, we site and local media.

10. "Our Girls are Reading" Event

The students and/or school libraries will be distributed books and at least 400 girl students will benefit from these books. At least 5000 books will be purchased in line with the opinion of the Provincial Directorate of National Education; and such books will be given to 50 schools for usage of especially girls. The school management and the District Directorate of National Education will cooperate for monitoring and efficiency of this activity. The training coordinator within the scope of our project will be responsible for coordination of this activity.

Result: 5000 books have been provided to 50 schools and at least 400 students were contributed for reading.

11. Sports Equipment Support Activities with training tools and instruments

Tools and equipment will be provided to 10 target schools. Sports materials will be purchased for the students and such material will be delivered to the schools. Such materials will include packages of track suits, trainers, hats and t-shirts.

Besides the course books and materials, 1 cine-vision device and curtain (or laptop according to the needs) will be purchased for each school. 400 students will be purchased track suits, trainers, hats and t-shirts; and the schools will be purchased basketballs and volleyballs. In addition, the girls will be purchased stationery.

Result: A total of 400 students from 10 schools  have been distributed course materials, sports materials and stationery.

  1. Methods and Sources

Establishment of Project Team: A project team will be established for sound implementation of the project works, which are bulk in number and which require various fields of specialism. The members of the project team will carry out the duties assigned to them according to the implementation calendar and the targets will be tried to be achieved. It was approved to assign the project coordinator for general coordination of the project due to his experience in the field of project preparation, execution and reporting; his being a teacher of the school, which is a partner to the project, and his active membership of the applicant non-governmental organization.

Promotion and information activities: This method has been adopted in order to inform the girl students at the disadvantageous regions about the project, to persuade the parents in the benefit of the project and to attract the support of the opinion leaders in the region. In addition, this method has been applied in order to inform the public about the project studies and to motivate other institutions and sections of society, who may also carry out project studies. The method will also contribute extension of the project results.

Visits: This is a method envisaged for persuasion of the parents, who are not volunteer to send their daughters to schools, and persuasion of other people in the society. The people, who were met face to face by the specialists and opinion leaders, were supposed to adopt the targets of the project.

Timetable preparation: It was envisaged that the trainings to be provided will comply with the requirements of the students and the current examination system. This will be prepared by the specialized people in their field and making us of the programs existing in the market. This will be used as the content of the trainings to be provided.

Trainings: This is the main working method, which is planned for the students to pass the secondary education transition examinations made by the Ministry of National Education in an easy way. Trainings will be provided to the students in such a way to repeat the courses given at schools, to make up the deficient lessons as supported with the examination techniques. Trainings will help students to be more successful during the examinations.

Guidance and speed reading studies: The purpose of the guidance studies will focus on making the students familiar with professions, to help them become aware of their personal characteristics and to help them choose the professions best fitting to them. At the end of this study, the students will be guided to professions, which are appropriate from them. In addition, the students will also learn time management, preparation to examinations and getting rid of exam anxiety through this method. Speed reading activities will improve the students' fast comprehension and decision taking skill, which may be useful for them during the examinations.

Social-Cultural and Sports Activities: This method has been chosen since such activities contribute to the personal development of the girls, lead increase in their knowledge, good manners and experiences and support their physical development.

Meetings: This method has been chosen in order to ensure that the project activities will be carried out on time without any problem and that the project activities will be monitored efficiently. Besides, it was planned to share the details of the studies, to inform the public about the studies and to bring the target groups and end beneficiaries and to give them practical information regarding the project.